Our Guarantees

To thank our customers who trust us on custom-making parts for them, what guarantees can we offer to our customers?

  • The Parts Quality
    As we make quality parts, we make the parts per sample/print's dimension, hardness, tolerance…etc.  All parts will be made within the tolerance, and the quality can be always stable.  We offer quality parts, not only good quality but also stable quality.  In addition, we make the parts 100% in Taiwan, unless further request is notified, we may trace sources in other lower costs countries upon requests.
  • QC Inspection
    For every parts that we manufactured, we do the strict inspection on parts' quality randomly.  Whether on its dimension checks; hardness checks; material checks…etc. we ensure the parts quality before we ship to our customers. Once if our customer indicates where the critical area of parts is, we will especially careful check on critical area.  We do not want our customer to receive bad quality parts as they have been trusting on us. 

  • Responsibility Based on our Reputation
    Since we do the randomly check, there is a small possibility, sometimes that the parts made be made incorrectly after customer checked. However, if we receive such response from customer on its sample report, we will be fully responsible on it.  We will modify the parts till it meets customer's requests. We take the responsibility as we honor our reputation. Any additional costs caused by modification will be ours if the mistaken was made by us.  We sincerely try our best to meet our customer's satisfication.
  • The Exclusivity
    All parts we make for you, deserve the exclusivity which we will definitely not make/supply to any other customers but only you.  This is guaranteed by us, with our over 30 years of reputation in the business. We have been in the business for over 30 years and we appreciate our customers trusting on us, therefore, we sincerely do not want to take risk by selling your parts to others.  All parts we made for you will be the only and there will be no other customers who can buy the same parts from us.  It is 100% guaranteed!

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Our Guarantees

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