Our Procedures

Step 1 – Sample/Print Received
Every quotation/order begins with a good sample (whether new or used) OR a blueprint provided by customer.  We would prefer to have both sample and prints if it's possible, this can make us to make the parts for you more precisely within the tolerance and to the sizes.  However, if you do not have both, we can still accept either a good sample or a blueprint and we can make it per your sample or per your print.

Step 2 – Our Quotation
After your good sample/blueprint is received, we will start to estimate your costs.  We will be looking for many different makers by different producing methods.  It will take us approximately 3~15 days to have the estimated costs for you. The quoting time varied according to the difficulty of making parts; 2~3 different makers for us to compare the prices for you. It is possible to estimate the costs for you within 7 days as well, depending of parts. The unit price will be varied by different quantity as well.  On our quotation, we will let you know the unit price; material (if it is same as your sample/print or not); manufacturing time for your ordering reference.  Once if you accept the price, you may place the order to us.

Step 3 – Our Manufacturing Process
After your order is received, we will start to process. We will manufacture your parts by all different manufacturing methods such as by CNC machine; Lathe machine; Miller; Sand Blasting; Grinding machine; Tumbling Grinding; Forging; Lost Wax Casting; Sand Casting; Iron Casting…etc. depending on which kind of your parts is made of. We will professionally do the heat treatment; black-oxide; black-anodize; electroless nickel-plated; plated…etc. depending on your sample/print requests as well. 



Step 4 – When the Manufacturing Process Is Finished
Once if the parts are made finished, we will send our counter samples (C/S) to you for your evaluation after our QC inspection.  Once if the C/S is approved by you, we will send the rest of the finished goods to you by your indicated shipping methods. If the C/S we make is NG, we will modify free of charge according to your instructions and requests till your satisfaction is met. Any modifications needed due to our C/S being different from your O/S are totally free of charge



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Our Procedures

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