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New and Better Lifting Presser Foot (Outside Foot) #CT559059M for CT300UB5 Tape Edge Machine

We are glad to announce that we have made another better kind of presser foot for our CT300UB5 Tape Edge machine.  For the old lifting presser foot, also known as outside foot, parts number: CT559059, the bottom of presser foot is flat, which would cause the taped edge of mattress not full of sponge after sewing.  The old CT559059 presser foot would extrude the sponge into flat side. However, we have modified this outside presser foot into new kind, parts number using CT559059M.  Please see below of pictures for further explanations:


(Please click the above pictures to enlarge.)

Please see above pictures, the bottom of old type of CT559059 lifting presser foot is flat which causes the taped edge become flat, not full of sponge.  Therefore, we have changed to the new type of CT559059M, on the right side of picture, which has larger space for taped edge, to be filled with sponge after sewing. Please see the below two pictures for clear explanation:


From now on, we will start to use this new CT559059M Lifting Presser Foot on our CT300UB5 as standard.  For the machine's order confirmed from 12/03/07 , customer will receive the CT300UB5 with CT559059M. However, if any of customer prefer the old/original CT559059, we can still supply upon request. If you prefer the old one, please state it on the e-mail you send to us and we will supply it as your request.

(Please click the above pictures to enlarge.)

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News 12/03/07

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